In today’s rapidly evolving construction landscape, digital solutions are no longer an option — they are essential. However, we recognise that digital tools, if not properly implemented, can lead to significant challenges for both contractors and developers. That’s why our mission is to seamlessly integrate digital processes into construction management, ensuring they are effectively used to enhance efficiency and transparency throughout the project lifecycle.

Why Choose Us

Choosing AJ Digital means partnering with a company that not only understands the intricacies of construction but also the profound impact of digital integration. We are dedicated to creating and merging effective processes with personalised digital platforms to produce tangible improvements in project delivery. Our goal is to facilitate a smoother, more efficient and transparent approach to construction, ensuring that documentation and data are managed with the highest quality and precision.

Our Approach

We believe that successful digital integration begins long before the final handover. Unlike traditional practices that delay digital considerations, we prioritise them from the very beginning. This ensures that all digital requirements are thoroughly understood and integrated into the project’s framework. This proactive approach allows us to capture and coordinate information progressively, preventing any last-minute surprises and a smoother transition at the handover stage.


AJ Digital offers a comprehensive range of services designed to support the digital transformation of construction projects. They include:


Construction team reviewing information

We capture the 3D reality of your project for design or as-built verification through Point Cloud Production, Base Design Discrepancy Review and As-Built Discrepancy Review.

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3D Modelling

Operative reviewing a building sketch

We provide 3D Model production from point cloud data or close gaps in your supply chain with Scan to BIM Revit Modelling, Scope Gap Revit Modelling and Model Enrichment and On-Site Data Collection.

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3D Design Coordination

Steelwork 3D model

Our approach to design coordination ensures timely, budget-friendly project delivery with Project Specific Clash Detection, Interactive Dashboards and Full Audit Reporting.

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Information Management

Male and female architect review augmented reality model

We help you procure, deliver, operate and maintain your assets through Project Specific Model Auditing and comprehensive Interactive Dashboards.

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Digital O&M

Operative uses tablet to view building information

We digitise the collation, validation, reporting and delivery of Operation and Maintenance documentation with our digital platform and tailored review processes.

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A group of people sitting at a table

We offer specialised training to meet your digital needs, including Digital Process Training, Technical Training and Bespoke Training.

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Our Team

Led by Christian Thomas and Ryan Donoghue, AJ Digital is a dynamic group dedicated to transforming how construction projects are managed digitally. Our young and innovative team is committed to driving forward-thinking solutions that streamline processes and enhance project outcomes.

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AJ Digital can enhance your next project with innovative digital solutions. Reach out to our team today to learn more about our services and how we can support your needs.

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