A range of different teams – architects, engineers, contractors – all play crucial roles in bringing a project to life. Traditionally, this collaboration relied on 2D drawings, a method prone to miscommunication and unforeseen clashes during construction.

That has all changed with 3D design coordination, which has transformed design and construction. Detailed digital representations provide a far more comprehensive understanding of a project than traditional 2D drawings. However, the true power of 3D modelling lies in its ability to facilitate collaboration.

3D design coordination brings together the strengths of 3D modelling to create a single, unified platform where all design disciplines work together. This eliminates the siloed approach of the past, fostering seamless communication and early identification of potential issues.

3D Steelwork and Building Services model
Steelwork 3D model

Avoiding clashes before they arise

At AJ Digital, we understand that preventing problems is far more efficient than fixing them later. That’s why our 3D design coordination services focus on two key aspects:

  • Clash Avoidance: Is a design process where clashes between different building elements are identified and addressed before construction even begins. Clash avoidance involves creating each design element within the context of the entire project, ensuring everything fits together seamlessly. This proactive approach minimises the need for costly rework on-site, saving time and money.
  • Clash Detection: Despite the best efforts, unforeseen clashes can still occur. AJ Digital employs sophisticated software to analyse 3D models for any potential conflicts. Our team meticulously sorts through these results, prioritising critical issues and ensuring they are addressed promptly.

Bespoke solutions

We recognise that every project is unique, which is why AJ Digital’s 3D design coordination services are not a one-size-fits-all solution. We take the time to understand each project’s specific design and construction schedule. This allows us to:

  • Prioritise issues: We prioritise clash detection based on each project schedule, ensuring critical issues are identified and addressed.
  • Streamlined communication: Our approach ensures coordinated information, flows smoothly to the construction site, minimising delays and rework.
  • Bespoke processes: While we offer a proven “out of the box” process for quick implementation, we can also tailor our services to integrate seamlessly with any client’s existing workflows.

Interactive dashboards

Effective communication is key to successful project completion. AJ Digital goes beyond simple clash reports by providing interactive dashboards that offer real-time insights into the design coordination progress. These dashboards allow clients to:

  • Visualise performance: By tracking key metrics to gain a clear understanding of how each project is performing in terms of design coordination.
  • Identify bottlenecks: We quickly identify areas requiring additional focus, allowing for proactive problem-solving and improved project efficiency.

Full issue reporting

Transparency is crucial for successful collaboration, which is why AJ Digital provides comprehensive issue reports at every stage of the design coordination process. These detailed reports include:

  • Document all clashes: Which maintains a clear record of all identified clashes, ensuring nothing gets overlooked.
  • Facilitate resolution: Which provides a clear roadmap for addressing each identified clash, streamlining communication and accelerating problem-solving.
  • Stage completion verification: Detailed reports serve as a valuable record for stage completion, ensuring all design elements are coordinated before moving to the next phase of the project.

The benefits of 3D design coordination

By partnering with AJ Digital for all 3D design coordination needs, our clients unlock a wide range of benefits such as:

  • Reduced rework: Early identification and resolution of clashes minimises costly rework on-site, saving time and money.
  • Improved project efficiency: Streamlined communication and a focus on proactive problem-solving ensures each project stays on track and meets deadlines.
  • Enhanced quality: A coordinated design minimises the risk of errors, leading to a higher quality finished product.
  • Reduced risk: Early identification of potential issues mitigates project risks and unforeseen delays.
  • Improved communication: Interactive dashboards and comprehensive reports foster transparency and collaboration between all project stakeholders.

3D design coordination is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity for successful construction projects.

Partner with AJ Digital today and let’s build something remarkable together